Dine & Wine

Surrounded by serene views and delightful service, Irina’s Bistro is the perfect start or end to your day. Offering à la carte breakfast – including our Specialty Detox and Gourmet Smoothies and Juice Bar – lunch and dinner, this refined, open-air restaurant is the epitome of luxury. Specialties include: caviar, salmon, freshly baked viennoiserie, customized coffees, handcrafted cocktails, beers and refreshments.
Romantic and reminiscent of the grand Georgian dining halls of many Caribbean estate houses, Lighthouse Restaurant is the perfect spot to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion. Adorned with signature green walls and wrap-around terrace overlooking crystal-blue waters, this Michelin-Star, sustainably-sourced dining venue offers indulgent classics like specialty filet mignon and Caribbean lobster, punctuated by inventive dishes gleaned from Michelin-starred masters.
Lighthouse Bar is where you will find proper Italian aperitivos skillfully crafted to elevate your evening. Watch as the skies transform from a fiery pigment of negroni and spritz into the night’s dusky blues as you sip your favorite cocktail from our stunning outdoor terrace
Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and find yourself at Nobody Knows Bar. Perfect for a sophisticated cocktail or classic rum flight, this rustic-themed bar is the perfect place to relax before dinner or just enjoy the tranquil tropical scenery.
Enjoy age-old classics like billiards, chess and other assorted games in the cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere of Chairman’s Lounge. Fix yourself a custom cocktail or enjoy a selection of premium beers, Champagne and Caribbean rums as you spin old-style vinyls on our beautifully vintage record player.
Just a short walk from our multi-tiered swimming pool, On The Rocks is the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite tropical cocktail. or lighter fares throughout the day. Take a walk along our boardwalk overlooking the beach or live in luxury and have your signature drink delivered directly to your sun lounger.